Kellie Cottam at Child Abuse Demo 18 July 2014

Kellie Cottam, Director of Step Up Britain. Founder of Forced Adoption Exposed calling for a PUBLIC INQUIRY into the unlawful removal of children from loving parents.

Kellie Cottam at Child Abuse Demo 18 July 2014

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Forced Adoption Investigative Documentary ITV

Exposure – Please Don’t Take My Child (Forced Adoption Exposed)

***Warning – upsetting scenes from the outset***

This programme reports on the epidemic of Forced Adoption in the UK, based on ‘future emotional harm’.

Daily Mail article on the Forced Adoption case of a family in the county of Staffordshire, futured in the ITV documentary, first exposed by Brian Gerrish and the UKColumn

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Russell Brand – Leading People In Wrong Direction?

OK I got to admit, I’ve been a Russell Brand fan for a while. I used to enjoy watching his Ponderland series on Channel 4 and listening to his now infamous Saturday night Radio 2 show for the auntie beeb. God bless him, he even had David Icke guest on his show!

In more recent times Brand has become more than just an entertainer, he is now flirting with politics. Most notably hanging out with Green Party MP Caroline Lucas, on a pro-legalisation of drugs campaign and appearing on stage at an anti-austerity event in London.

Fair enough, I’m in agreement where austerity is wrongly affecting the most vunerable in society. Perhaps there is also a debate to be had when it comes to the drug laws. However when you take a look more closely at what ‘old Russ’ is saying he’s talking about egalitarian-socialism, then you start to realise he’s stearing people back in the direction we’re attempting to leave of left versus right.

In this video below, Brand decides to poke fun at Nigel Farage – Leader of UKIP and EFD Group in the European Parliament. He goes so far as to call Farage a racist, just as someone representing the establishment would. He doesn’t hold a balanced view and state he doesn’t like UKIP but fair play for telling the European Parliament and commisioners how it is and that we all want out of the EU, who’d want a foreign power making giving you directives?!

I recommend checking out Thomas Sheridan’s thoughts on Russell Brand and the “Purple Pill”.

There was a False Flag at the London Olympics after all. On top of a Purple Bus. In front of a Purple Logo and bathed in a Purple Spotlite…



The Purple Pill Cometh

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Smart Meters and the partyline – BBC

Has the BBC ever been truly impartial? Of course not when it’s informing us what’s best for us and what the LibLabCon traitors have allowed Brussels to impose upon us. Yes Smart Meters! They are really clever, really smart. You’ve gotta have one! They said so on the BBC!


The LibLabCon start their con on housholds that they should be forced by the criminal state to have so called “smart meters”… a way of the state to control your energy use. Didn’t vote the way the government wanted you to, limit your gas or electricity.

This is a SCAM by politicians who have their hands and vested interests in pushing “smart meters”, while making themselves vastly rich from the scam.

Recorded from BBC1 HD, BBC Breakfast, 08 July 2014.


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UK Column News – 25th April 2014 – Regionalisation, Scottish Justice

This episode of UK Column News focuses on the EU drive for regionalistion. Brian Gerrish helps us understand what has happened with Scotland and what is being planned for Cornwall. Robert Green an English child-abuse campaigner is mentioned, a man jailed north of the border and it appears MPs are powerless to act as it’s a Scottish government matter.

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Reframing of the British Police?

Before watching this set of videos, it’s important to know what is meant by ‘reframing’. So, what is reframing? When googling the definition, wikipedia was the first result in the search:

Cognitive reframing, also known as NLP reframing, is a psychological technique that consists of identifying and then disputing irrational or maladaptive thoughts. Reframing is a way of viewing and experiencing events, ideas, concepts and emotions to find more positive alternatives. In the context of cognitive therapy, cognitive reframing is referred to as cognitive restructuring. Cognitive re-framing, on the other hand, refers to the process as it occurs either voluntarily or automatically in all settings.

So we are aware NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is used is in a positive way as a therapy and to help people think more positively, it can in the wrong hands be used in a negative way.

Another website came up in the search called Here we quote from this website:

A frame, or frame of reference is a complex schema of unquestioned beliefs, values and so on that we use when inferring meaning. If any part of that frame is changed (hence ‘reframing’), then the meaning that is inferred may change.
To reframe, step back from what is being said and done and consider the frame, or ‘lens’ through which this reality is being created. Understand the unspoken assumptions, including beliefs and schema that are being used.
Then consider alternative lenses, effectively saying ‘Let’s look at it another way.’ Challenge the beliefs or other aspects of the frame. Stand in another frame and describe what you see. Change attributes of the frame to reverse meaning. Select and ignore aspects of words, actions and frame to emphasise and downplay various elements.
Thus, for example, you can reframe:
A problem as an opportunity
A weakness as a strength
An impossibility as a distant possibility
A distant possibility as a near possibility
Oppression (‘against me’) as neutral (‘doesn’t care about me’)
Unkindness as lack of understanding
You can often change a person’s frame simply by changing their emotional state, making them happier, more aggressive, etc. When they are happier, for example, they will be more positive and optimistic (and vice versa).

Read more here:

- So what we have with Reframing is a means to change how someone thinks and makes a decision. In the instance of the police, the inference is the police taking part in these Common Purpose courses are being manipulated to question and change their values.

In the very first edition of ‘Humanity vs Insanity’, Ian R Crane & Brian Gerrish discuss endemic and systemic corruption amongst UK Police Forces.

WHO or WHAT is behind the re-framing of UK Policing as the Country accelerates towards becoming a de-facto Corporatist State.

Democracy requires public apathy but are we really going to sit back whilst the socio-psychopathic global corporatists rip out the heart and destroy the soul of our nation? … ‘cos that’s exactly what they are relying on!!

Episode 14 of Ian R. Crane’s Fracking Nightmare, follows on from the first edition of Humnaity vs Insanity: The Crane Report, with footage of police behaving like corporate thugs. The video shows police officers not acting in a normal manner we have become accustomed to of our British “Bobbies”. Watch and decide for yourself (first 15mins).

Ian R. Crane with special guest Brian Gerrish for part 2 of their discussion on what is happening to our police.

Ian R Crane and Brian Gerrish conclude their disturbing three part investigation into the psychological reframing of British police.

- We hope this series of videos delving into the leadership, training and behavior of our modern-day police has opened your eyes. Please do your own further research on the issues raised such as the political charity Common Purpose courses attended by the police and paid for from our tax-payers money.

To be clear, this blog post and the series of videos featured is not anti-police. On the contrary, we stand for the rule of law, truth and justice. As Brian Gerrish states, the purpose here is to show the police what is happening to them. We need good police on the side of the people and doing what is right. This may include cleaning up wrong-doing from the inside of the force and blowing the whistle. The same also applies within other public services and in fact our elected officials in parliament and local government too.

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What the Frack is going on?

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FRACKING – But Is It Safe?????????

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Faultlines – Fracking in America (polluting America!)

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Fracking – Harming Animals and People!

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